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Why truth? Why is truth fundamental to being a champion? While you might achieve much and win some awards without it, you will never become the True Champion you could have been. To be a True Champion you must be honest with yourself about your progress, your disappointments and with whom you must share the credit. You must know who you are.

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Commitment is dedicating oneself to doing everything with all of your energies and skill – every time, in every arena of life.. It is also about self-discipline and will power. At high level performance , 9 out of 10 times, the athlete who wins, is the one who wants it more than anyone else. They know exactly what they want to achieve.


Excellence must be pursued. It is about Spirit, the will to excel, the will to win. Continuous improvement, persistently working on enhancing performance, skills, knowledge. Pursuing growth and progress. These are things that last. Excellence is not a final destination it is a habit, a lifestyle and should become a way of living day-to-day. Take control and become your dream!!

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Success Stories

“Warwick Bashford is someone who really walks the talk. He is a genuine guy. A visionary and a thought leader, his impeccable set of values, stringent regimen of health and fitness, and insistence on quality, have earned him admiration by me and his peers. His Champion Mindset training will lead you to greatness.”

~ Ruben Gonzalez

Four-time Olympian, Author & Speaker

I have been collaborating with Warwick Bashford for a while now. Warwick has not only the heart and wisdom of a champion, he has what it takes as a coach to get the job done. Integrity and character are the two words that I would use to sum Warwick up.

~ Suzie Nelson

Corporate Group & Incentive Travel Authority

"“I have taken many tennis clinics and lessons from Warwick and he teaches like no other tennis pro. He’s an expert at teaching tennis at any level, and he also knows how to communicate with different personalities to motivate them to be successful. Warwick takes his teaching to heart. He doesn’t just teach tennis skills. He teaches life skills! He will teach you how to have the mindset of a champion in whatever you do.”

~ Debbie Stevenson

Wellness Expert

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